Woman States Her Age Over 20 Times in Conversation

Women - Reductress

Proving her status among her peers, Leona Cadarette drove her point home by stating her age precisely 28 times over the course of an evening with her younger coworkers.


“Believe me, I’m 34. I’ve been there,” she told them. “Seriously, I know how it is. But once you’re over 30 like I am—I mean, I’m only 34, but once you get into your thirties, your priorities change.”


Coworkers toyed with the idea of taking a shot each time Leona mentioned her age, but decided the risk of alcohol poisoning was too great.



“It was funny at first,” said 22-year-old Brian Thurston. “But then she just made me think too much about my own mortality. And how much harder dating is going to be in my thirties.”


Other topics covered in the conversation included how two glasses of wine now give her a headache, 27 is a rough age for everyone, and everyone deserves a quiet night on the couch sometimes.


“You’ll understand when you’re 34,” Leona said.