Woman Who Died Alone in Cubicle Left Behind Amazing Candy Drawer

candy - reductress

Wendy Anderson of Vernon, CT was found dead in her cubicle late Friday afternoon, leaving behind a veritable treasure trove of candy stashed inside a desk drawer.


“She was supposed to keep company records in there, but I think she threw those out,” says the office manager, Susan. “I’m not mad, I just wish I would have known. I get really bad mid-afternoon chocolate cravings and the vending machine here is entirely unreliable.”


“Man, she had everything”, another co-worker exclaims. “Twizzler Bites, Skittles, Gummy Worms. Every candy category, every size. She even had Cadbury Eggs – in July!”


Coworkers describe Anderson as “reclusive,” “unfriendly,” and “the kind of person you didn’t make eye-contact with when you saw her in the bathroom.”


“I can’t believe she had Birthday Cake M&M’s”, one co-worker adds, mournfully. “If I had known, I would have made more of an effort to talk to her.”


In lieu of a memorial service, the company is inviting staff members to take part in eating the treats from the candy drawer. All treats are currently located on the counter in the company kitchen, down the hall from where Brenda sits.