Daughter Hasn’t Drawn Anything Fridge-Worthy In 17 Years

To the dismay of her parents, 24-year-old Megan Hundley hasn’t drawn a picture worthy of being placed on her parent’s refrigerator in at least 17 years. Sources close to the family have confirmed that while the Hundley family refrigerator is decorated with all sorts of drawings, none of them have come from their eldest daughter since she was seven years old.


“I’m trying, but I just don’t have the same stroke with a crayon as I used to,” said a distressed Megan. “I guess I’ve been pretty preoccupied with getting my law degree. Maybe art just isn’t my forté.”


Megan’s last acceptable piece of work is a picture of a farm, including a barn and several farm animals (“horsees”). The sun can be seen in the corner wearing a pair of sunglasses. When asked why she originally selected to display this particular work, mother and art teacher Tricia Hundley said, “Seven-year-old Megan truly captured the essence of longing, and the true paradigm of inequity. She hasn’t been able to convey meaning through art in such a way ever since. I think that in attempting to top this work, she’s gotten herself into a rut.”



A quick look at the rest of the refrigerator reveals several pictures of the Hundleys and friends, a post-it note labeled “grocery list”, and colorful magnet letters spelling “family”, “love”, and “verisimilitude.” Tricia, the self-proclaimed curator of the fridge, says she has high standards for what gets placed on the door of her Kenmore, standards that Megan is not meeting.


“She’s just lost something,” said Tricia. “I feel as if she has abandoned her hopes of being an artist that she had when she was seven years old. A light inside her has been extinguished.”


Megan’s latest attempt to garner favor with her discerning mother involved handing her a napkin doodle she’d done at a local restaurant. She thought she had recaptured some of that natural ability and something genuine in the drawing, but her mother just shook her head upon viewing it.


When asked his thoughts on his daughter’s failed art attempts, Megan’s father Carl told his daughter, “Hang in there, kiddo!”