MPAA Gives Film NC-17 Rating for Actress’s Graphic Enjoyment of Dessert


The new film, Coming Down Home, has received a controversial NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, for a scene in which actress Amanda Seyfried audibly enjoys a slice of pie.
While other films containing female nudity, fellatio, and graphic violence toward women received a PG-13 or an R rating this month, Seyfried’s “intensely sexual,” audible moan of pleasure while eating the pie was considered enough to warrant the NC-17 rating.

Seyfried took to Twitter to decry the rating, saying, “My character’s enjoyment of her dessert is totally natural. It’s a sexist move by the MPAA to censor female pleasure in this way.”
In response to criticism, a statement released by MPAA spokesperson Kate Bedingfield states: “The MPAA has certain standards to uphold. The American public just isn’t prepared for this uncomfortable, pornographic content.”