Spinach Dip Is the New Hair Color Technique You Need to Know

It’s 2016, so people are totally into creating hair color combinations based on macaroons, cinnamon swirls, and chocolate chip cookies. And now, there’s finally some savory inspo for complex hair dye processes! Maureen McCluskey, hair stylist at SmartStyle Family Salon, is making waves for inventing Spinach Dip hair—which you must try this spring!



McCluskey says this creamy dye look was inspired by a large bread bowl of Knorr spinach dip she saw at a friend’s house. “I was at a Super Bowl party when I saw it on the table next to a bag of tortilla chips, and I remember loving the color palette,” McCluskey tells us. “Everything from the yolky mayonnaise tones to the hearty green onion chunks resonated with me. I was like, ‘That should totally be hair.’”


To create the look, McCluskey bleaches hair to mimic lighter shades of whitish mayonnaise oil and orange cheddar cheese. She then dyes blotchy chunks forest green to create the spinach leaf effect.


And if you want to channel full-on appetizer vibes, you can add some crumbs to your roots. Just break up some pita chips, mix them with hair gel, then brush this DIY version of “glitter” onto your roots. Easy peasy! Or should we say: easy cheesy! This swirly party-snack style will def have your friends trying to dip a baguette into your scalp in no time—it looks so real!



“Be mindful of birds,” McCluskey adds. “The crumb roots and yummy-looking colors can attract them!”


So there you have it. Is there really anything better than combining your hair and antipasto goals in one? The answer is no, there is not.