Everything in Demi Lovato’s New Makeup Kit Is Under $5 Because She Thinks This Is a Game

Demi Lovato is the next big star to “launch” a so-called “makeup line”. The “Cool For The Summer” diva is partnering with “noted discount cosmetics retailer” NYC New York Color, and unlike other celebrity collections, hers will be extremely low-cost, with nothing over $5, which is honestly too cheap to take seriously.


Hahaha. Way to mess with us, Demi! We almost believed you were into makeup!


The new makeup kit is called the Lovatics Collection, a weird name that proves we are definitely being pranked. This comes after the announcement the singer had become the new face of the American cosmetics brand, and shared her 12 tips for feeling like your most confident self. Clearly there was a tip she didn’t share, perhaps the biggest piece of advice of all: release a makeup line whose price point is such a joke, it only makes sense if you’re completely out of your mind.



The star revealed how the collaboration was a natural fit. “I actually picked the shades from the shades of makeup that I like to wear during the day,” the star said about the collection, which would presumably fit well in an old-timey bindle. “When I got to do this line it was really exciting for me.” We agree: It is definitely exciting to pull a funny stunt on fans by releasing makeup so cheap we are feeling dizzy just talking about it!


The line includes four products: an affordable 12-shade eye shadow palette, lip-and-cheek stains, mascara, and eye pencils. Currently missing from the collection (which we assume will be added in the future) is a little sign that says “GOTCHA!” Everything launches at Target, Walmart, and a prank peanuts can with snakes jumping out of it this month.


We seriously are having cognitive trouble processing how cheap this makeup line is!


“One of my personal favorites, the Palette Eyeshadow, is a must-have that allows you to create your own unique look,” she told us, ignoring the fact that we are beauty writers with nice homes full of nice things who can spend appropriate amounts on more nice things indefinitely.


We just kept waiting for her to say, “OMG your faaaace! You totally bought it!”



“I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a young girl, because I did beauty pageants, so I know a lot about makeup. I’m a passionate person and this has been a passion project.” One passion she surprisingly never mentioned: ousting Ashton Kutcher from the throne of prankster celeb!


When the singer isn’t all dolled up, she loves to show off her makeup-free face in support of #NoMakeupMonday, a trend that costs even less than the makeup kit. What the eff?! “The beauty look that makes me feel most confident is when I don’t wear that much makeup. I love a natural look.” Why can’t she stop fucking around for once!!!


Lovato’s skin looks amazing with or without makeup that we had a fight with our editors about whether to run an article on what seemed like a hoax. We definitely can’t wait to stand in front Target and Kmart, trying to will ourselves inside to see if this line is even real, before losing our nerve and shopping at the NARS boutique instead.