Beautiful! This Woman Embraced Her Boring Natural Hair Color

In a world where coloring your hair is commonly accepted by society, 32-year-old Darcy Johnson took the brave and groundbreaking step of accepting the boring hair color she was born with. Her drab choice is so beautiful and brave!


Johnson’s natural hair color might best be described as a sort of a brownish grayish mousy dishwater color—kind of like the color of a raccoon, if you took out the interesting black and white parts. In fact, her hair is exactly the color of a squirrel. Not the red ones—the other ones. Wow, so natural!


After hearing her story, women around the country have been inspired to embrace their own natural hair color, which is also kind of gross but not that bad. After all, a bland natural hair color goes with everything. How many of those bottle blond women out there or the ones with Easter egg-colored tresses or fake red dye jobs can say that?


Johnson proudly told us that she can reach into her closet with her eyes closed and grab any outfit in there and have it look just fine against the nonthreatening hues of her natural strands. Gorgeous!


“It’s been really freeing,” says Johnson, tying her hair back in a low-key ponytail. “A bold hair color would make me stand out in a crowd. No, thank you!”



Johnson also noted that she’s started saving for a down payment on a house with the money she’s saved not dying her hair. She adds: “It’s like normcore for hair, and I celebrate that.”


We do, too, Darcy. Bravo.


Pictures of Johnson from years ago show her sporting blond, red, turquoise, fuchsia and green hair. “I really liked the blue,” sighs her longtime boyfriend, Robb Munson, clutching the old photos. “But, you know, whatever.”


Whatever, indeed. Johnson claims she has fully embraced her unremarkable hair color and encourages more women to do the same.


“Nobody should be judged by what they look like on the outside, even if on the outside they look great.” Johnson says her boring hair color helps people get to know who she is on the inside.


“I’m a pretty great person,” said Johnson. “And you might not know that if my hair color wasn’t so tepid.”