Inspiring! This Woman Thinks Her Natural Hair Color is Fine

Some women will do anything to change the way they look naturally, but Petra Bennington is not just any woman: This badass lady thinks the color of the hair she was born with is just fine!


“I guess I don’t see any real issue with the way my hair is naturally,” said Petra. “I feel like if it wasn’t meant to be that color, I wouldn’t have been born with it being another color? Also a good color job is really expensive and I’m saving for a house.”


Petra’s friends are just as amazed as we are at her inspiring attitude toward the hair that grows out of her head innately.


“I’ve been dyeing my hair for as long as I can remember,” said Ms. Bennington’s best friend Lily Eng. “I always hated the color it was. Petra has such incredible self-esteem to be comfortable about the way her hair looks on its own!”


“She is so inspiring,” added Janet Mumford, another close friend of Petra. “My hair has been all over the map, in terms of color. I always felt like it needed a little umph. Can you imagine being totally fine with and accepting of the way that part of you looks naturally? It’s unbelievable!”



We can’t believe it, either!


But Petra explained that she doesn’t feel the need to change her regular hair just because lots of other women do.


“I honestly don’t understand why me not coloring my hair is such a big deal,” she said. “My hair looks fine the way it is. That’s not an outrageous belief to have. I’m not some bastion of self-esteem.”


If you say so, Petra!