Woman Decides Single Pubic Hair on Public Toilet Seat Is Fine

This week, 30-year-old Meghan Abbot put all basic hygiene standards aside when she decided a single pubic hair on a public toilet seat was fine.


Abbot, who typically uses a little bit of toilet paper to wipe away pee droplets before ultimately hovering a few inches above the seat in an athletic squat, made the decision while using the restroom at a local coffee shop.


“Usually I’ll squat regardless of seat situation,” says Meghan. “But my legs were feeling really sore from this Pilates class I took yesterday so I just like, saw the single pubic hair and decided it was pretty much fine.”


Keisha Monroe, a barista at the coffee shop, was shocked at the revelation.


“Wow, I would not sit on that toilet seat,” says Keisha. “Even if there was no pubic hair. But definitely with a pubic hair, that’s a no. I hope she didn’t put her actual butt down.”


“Oh yeah,” says Meghan. “I put my whole ass down on the seat. I was just like, ‘You know what? This is fine.’ And it was.”


According to Abbot, public toilet seat cleanliness is actually exists on a spectrum. A lot of pee is a deal-breaker for actual skin-to-seat contact, but a little bit of pee is up for interpretation. And while one pubic hair is “fine”, many pubic hairs is, “Hmm, what the hell happened here?”



When it came to the single pubic hair on the toilet seat, Abbot simply had to make a game-time decision. And after weighing her options, she decided the curly little hair that had somehow fallen from another woman’s crotch was perfectly fine to sit on.


At the conclusion of the interview, Abbot picked a cookie up off the floor that she had dropped.


“I actually dropped it about an hour ago,” she said. “But I feel like it’s probably still fine?”