3 Ways to Linger in a Doorway to Let Others Know That You’re Yearning

It’s easy to get lost in your own world of fantasy and lust – so easy in fact, that you might forget to let everyone else know that’s what you’re doing. If you’re longing for someone, other people should know about it! Luckily, most people have easy access to a doorway or two, and therefore a reliable way to express to your friends, family, and peers that you’re in a state of yearning. Here are the best ways to let them know:


Looking Down While Gripping the Door Frame With Tension and Refusing to Turn Around.

There’s something deeply wrong with the nature of this attraction, which makes it all the more intoxicating. To communicate the full and rich nature of this yearning, a degree of dramatization is required. While it’s imperative you refuse to turn around, it’s alright to quickly glance over your shoulder here and there to make sure everyone’s staring at you with desperate curiosity.


Leaning the Head Back Against the Door With a Small Smile, Signaling a Level of Satisfaction.

Oh! Could it be? Joy? Optimism? Excitement? Seems like someone is pining for someone they could never truly have, but in this brief moment, you might enjoy a tenuous, shared connection. But beware, happy yearner, for those around you may not be as happy for you as you are for yourself. Jealousy runs rampant in the circles of those who yearn, and there is a wealthy suitor more than willing to take them to the countryside for the rest of their days. When taking this position, it is critical to stay cautious and alert!



Keeping One Foot Out the Door.

This communicates a sense of hesitation or guardedness – you are caught in between two worlds and maybe seeking an emotional connection with someone, anyone. Perhaps you need a supplementary character to enter your life for the sole purpose of giving advice? Taking this stance is bound to attract nurturing personality types you might typically yearn for, like a beloved childhood friend or the kind yet homely son of a neighbor. But don’t worry! Yearning is like casting a net, and once you secure the affections of your beloved, you can simply toss back all the unwanted sidekick friends you caught by accident. What can you say – you’re a professional at yearning!


In the end, it isn’t really about the one you love. It’s about the theatrical and melodramatic escapades that surround winning them over. So why not go the distance and get everyone involved in your business? There’s a sexually repressed Victorian in all of us, and sometimes they just need to be let out!