Silent Ways To Let Him Know You’re Secretly Punishing Him

Sometimes, guys don’t realize when we’re punishing them with our minds. It’s important to let your man know you’re mad without having to say anything at all – he should know what he did! These passive-aggressive tactics will surely clue him in that you’re punishing him in a tight-lipped, dignified way.


Let Him Know How Fine You Are

Nothing gets a guy’s attention like you responding “fine” when he asks how you are. He’ll quickly make the connection that you’re punishing him for actually wearing the Axe deodorant his mom put in his Christmas stocking.


Leave the Dishes in the Sink

There’s no louder way to let him know you’re upset than by loudly leaving your empty plate of crumbs in the sink. When he sees your grape jelly drying on the knife, he’ll understand you are just giving him a disciplinary action for being weird about going down on you during your period.


Forget to Buy Milk

Tip him off to your displeasure by forgetting to buy milk at the grocery store. When he opens the fridge and sees that you’re all out of moo-juice, he’ll totally realize that you want him to articulate his long-term goals so that you can decide if he’s right for you.



Skip a Shave

A day’s worth of leg stubble will surely let him know that you’ve put him in relationship detention for not having smarter friends.


Post Something Meaningful

Nothing says, “I’m not happy with you,” like a Facebook status that is not about him but is actually completely about him. Once he sees your inaccurate quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about “hanging in there,” he’ll definitely see that he needs to start caring about the quality of his wardrobe.


With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting him to ask, “Are you mad?” But don’t answer! Being mad is just plain mean.