12 Emojis That Let Him Know You’re Vaccinated

It’s true what they say: Gentlemen prefer vaccinated women. Like having a wealthy uncle or a unique pubic hair design, being vaccinated is a desirable quality in a mate, and you should bring it up as often and as enthusiastically as possible. Here are 12 emojis that will help you get this very important message across!


The Hospital

Let’s start with the obvious: Sometimes you need to clearly spell things out for him in a way that says, “I have only been here for preventative measures, such as my MMR vaccination.” The H stands for hospital and the heart stands for life—one that you’re living safely and smartly, thanks to the trace amounts of virus strains coursing through your bloodstream.


The Footprints

Footprints say, “I’m so vaccinated, I’m comfortable walking around with my bare feet exposed. There’s no virus that can bring these piggies down! Not even tetanus!”


The Open Book

Because it’s true – you have nothing to hide from him. You’re vaccinated and proud of it. No question is off limits with this girl! Just kidding about that last part. The HPV vaccination does not cover herpes.


The Sash

See that sash? If you look closely, you can see that it reads “Little Miss Vaccinated,” a title you’ve been rocking for over a decade. It’s every guy’s fantasy to bone a beautiful pageant winner. Q&A in the streets, talent portion in the sheets, amirite?


The Airplane

The customs officers can try, but they can’t hold you back. You’re fully immunized! The government lets fully vaccinated people do whatever they want, which will definitely impress your man. You’re even pre-approved to skip the security line. Take that, no-fly list!



The Lock and Key

Your health is so strong, it’s on lockdown. No foreign antibodies can penetrate your blood of steel! Your guy will love it, because real men love a challenge and HATE an outbreak.


The Lollipop

You got those shots, and you got a sucker from Nurse Jill to prove it. Not only will this remind your man that you are contributing to herd immunity, it’ll also make him think of something else you could suck on. Namely, his penis! Guys love that. You’re immunized.


The Gas Tank

The body is a fuel tank, and yours runs on immunity. When it comes to manageable, controlled introduction of outdated strains meant to inoculate the body against future infection, you are full up. Remind him you’re vaccinated with the emoji that says, “I’m fueled up and ready to go!”


The Bulging Bicep

Oh, my vaccinations? They went in my arm RIGHT here. Guys are visual, so they’ll appreciate being reminded that you have a body and that it’s vaccinated.


The Syringe

You could always just send him the syringe to literally imply you’ve been vaccinated. But that might come off a little desperate.


You know you’re healthy, but with these very direct, visual messages, your guy can understand just how vaccinated you are, too!