5 Best Bushes in NYC to Watch People Get Engaged

You survived Valentine’s Day! But winter is still here to remind you how alone you truly are. One of the best ways to pass the time alone is to watch happy couples from a nearby bush. So grab your binoculars, as we take a journey to the best bushes in NYC to watch couples get engaged!


Brooklyn Bridge Park features great views of the city, so lots of cute couples choose it for their “She said yes” moment. Between the blue water of the East River, the gorgeous architecture of the bridge, and the classic New York skyline, this spot is guaranteed to give you gorgeous photos of at least three joy-crying couples on a nice weekend day. We recommend obscuring yourself in the catalpa bushes on the Bridge View Lawn. After you die, your distant relatives might find your photos and think that these couples were your friends.


The Fragrance Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a prime location for hiding in a bush waiting for a happy couple to come along and make promises to each other, and trust us: you have plenty of bushes to choose from. The best view of happiness is the large apple geranium near the koi pond. Your musty indoor smell will be masked by the flowers, so you won’t have to worry about taking a shower or changing out of your pajamas. You’ll be living vicariously through their joy without anyone being the wiser!


Fort Tryon Park (The Cloisters) is just a quick jaunt on the A train. The hills surrounding the Cloisters are a favorite picnic spot for many couples, so get there early to save your spot. The best shrubbery to crouch behind is the azalea near the handicapped parking spots. If you are not a morning person, spend the night in the bush to get a head start. That way, you’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to secretly absorb the happiness of those youngsters in the morning!



Washington Square Park has an iconic marble arch, a gorgeous fountain, and a dog park to keep you entertained while waiting for someone to drop to a knee and commit to someone they currently love. Hide your eccentric self in the evergreen shrubs of the northeast quadrant. You’ll be toothlessly muttering, “Kith her… go on, give her a kith,” before you know it!


Strawberry Fields in Central Park is a hotbed of proposals. You can see tourists and real-life New Yorkers experience the happiest they will ever be in this forsaken city. This spot is a memorial to John Lennon that reminds us that our time on earth is fleeting, so you might as well settle for whomever you’re with and start a family right away. The bushes near the hot dog cart are so thick, you could even attempt to start your family here – if only! One day. Maybe. For now, check out those happy Dutch people!


Let’s face it: We’re all going to hit rock bottom at some point. Watching those young people professing their love in a public place is just the thing to bring you back to the surface. Now get in those bushes!