Watch Out, NYC: This Woman Swears A Lot

Residents of the greater New York City area should be on high alert: Kristin Murphy just moved to the Big Apple, and she swears A LOT.


“I’ll be honest with you: I have a bit of a potty mouth,” says Murphy with a wink. “I’ve probably been swearing since I was like 13 or something. I just think there’s just something really satisfying about saying the word ‘fuck,’ you know? I mean fuck it right?!”


While her peers at UConn got used to her love of bad words, strangers who come into contact with Murphy should be warned: they’re not about to get their mother’s commute anecdote. Murphy’s speech is peppered with “shits,” “fucks,” and somehow still, “bitchin’.”


“I may look like a sweet, innocent New England girl,” she explained. “But I curse like a pirate and I’m not afraid to do it!”


If you live in NYC and are worried that you might be subjected to Murphy’s blue language, don’t panic! Murphy has been dutifully warning everyone from her yoga class to her sister’s three-month old baby that she has been known to cuss from time to time. Luckily, the only thing this no-nonsense bitch loves more than swearing is warning people that she swears a lot.


“OK ladies, a little bit about me,” she introduced herself to her new roommates. “I love dogs, I’m allergic to dairy, and I hope you don’t mind curse words, because I swear a shit ton!”


We’d wash her mouth out with soap, but she did warn us!



On a phone call with her mother the day before starting her new job, she admitted to being worried about keeping her potty mouth under control. “I’m just so used to saying ‘fuck’ all the time. What if I accidentally say it to my boss or something! Can you imagine?”


“We’re Murphies, honey, the world is just going to have to deal with the fact that we swear a fucking lot,” consoled her mom, which honestly explains a lot.


Murphy reportedly loves her new home, describing New York as a “bomb-ass city” and “abso-fucking-lutely amazing.” And so far, her roommates and coworkers have taken her fondness for cursing in stride; swearing hasn’t even made the list of problems they have with her.