Woman Who’s Fine With Baby Jails Can’t Watch ‘Dumbo’

37-year-old Fiona Hersh of Findlay, Ohio, believes putting immigrant children in camps while their parents are sent to jail is “necessary” Yet despite her complete lack of empathy for human children, she still cannot bring herself to watch the 1941 animated film, Dumbo.

“That movie is so upsetting,” explains Hersh, who refused to listen to audio of children being taken from their parents because she thinks it is “manipulative.”



Despite being unmoved by the plight of immigrant children as young as three months old, Hersh noted that, “The scene where the mom elephant is rocking baby Dumbo to sleep while she’s locked up will be burned into my mind forever. Why would someone put that in a children’s film?!”


Hersh is surprisingly fine with detaining children in cages where no one is allowed to comfort them. Still the plight of small elephants with large ears and other animals really gets her going.


“Don’t even get me started on Bambi,” says Hersh, who also thinks liberals are making “too big a deal” about police brutality.