The Best Musical Numbers to Get Him in the Mood

Have things have started to fizzle in the bedroom? Well it’s time to belt a show tune in a top hat and tails to get him back in the mood! Get out the cane and your old tap shoes and get him ready for some action with these classic musical numbers:


Start off your sexy night with Grow for Me”, a clever double entendre from Little Shop of Horrors. Your man will appreciate if you ask a friend to handle the giant plant puppet for this number – not just because of the voyeuristic thrill of having a third party, but mostly because of your commitment to your craft.


“No One Is Alone” from Into The Woods is a real boner-inducer. He will feel safe and protected and also want to make sure that no one is alone in the bedroom tonight.


Don’t waste your time on songs and choreography that he has already seen. Think outside the upbeat song-and-dance box with “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. He’ll be craving your sweet body by the time you get to the line “So different from this hell I’m living,” because no one can deny you when you belt those heart-wrenching lyrics.



Hairspray has a lot of songs to drive your man wild. “Cooties” showcases your character acting with lyrics like, “Eww, get ’em away from me, get ’em away from me … ewww!!” Your man won’t be able to resist pulling you closer for a smooch right in the kisser when you are done.


There’s nothing a red-blooded American stud loves more than German theater. “Mein Herr” from the musical Cabaret is the nuclear option of seducing a man. Go full Liza Minnelli with the bowler hat, sparkly hot pants, and deep cut black vest. Perform this song with discretion, as you and your man will be up all night rolling in the hay.


These musical numbers are guaranteed to bring the spark back to your fledgling relationship. Just remember that it pays to go all out on the costumes, sets, choreography, and singing lessons.