5 First Date Ideas That Are Under $20 And Not Fun

In the world of online dating, it’s easy to find yourself juggling multiple prospects at the same time. Before you know it, you’ve got a month packed with dates, even though your wallet isn’t packed with cash. Want to have a fun first date without breaking the bank? Not possible, unfortch. Here are some first date ideas that are not fun but definitely cheap:



Do A Craft


Return to childhood with your potential beau and pull out those old markers and pipe cleaners. Guys love a broke girl with an artistic side. Finally, an opportunity for you to make a crappy memento to remind you of a first date that statistically won’t lead to anything! This date will feel contrived and you’ll be stressed about what to do after you finish your project in fifteen minutes. It is very affordable and not fun.


Cook Whatever


Dates can give you the chance to do something you don’t typically do, like ice skate or skydive or, in this case, make a meal from scratch. Explore your physical awkwardness as the person you might be attracted to constantly stands in front of whichever cabinet you’re trying to open. Panic over whether or not it’s going to taste good, but no need to panic about making rent this month! If you’re in a tight spot financially (which you are), just make pasta. You’ll both have a filling meal while realizing you’d rather be eating alone and this is the last time you’ll see one another.


Go on a Walk


There’s probably a saying that goes, “Nature is free,” so why not plan a date around it? Walk aimlessly with your date and try to enjoy the conversation as you figure out how much you’re supposed to look at your date versus looking ahead at where you’re going. By the time you arbitrarily decide to end the date, you’ll be so frozen or sweaty, you won’t even be able to enjoy the fact that your wallet is still full. Note: This is maybe a little bit dangerous.


Watch Traffic


There’s nothing like a cozy date where you snuggle up and watch something together. Movies break the bank, so why not watch the whirring lights of highway traffic? It’ll be too loud for you to maintain a conversation and you’ll get bored almost immediately, but feel free to treat yourself afterwards – thanks to this date, you’ll be able to afford it!


Talk on the Phone


Everything costs money these days, including transportation! Have a phone date to forego all costs and get to know your lover-to-be while you do anything from clip your nails to quietly pee. It’ll be tedious and weird to find a way to end the conversation, but you’ll politely laugh all the way to the bank! For bonus savings, call him collect. He’ll love your quirky throwback vibe!



So there you have it – budget is no longer an excuse for staying in! Take the leap, plan the date, and have the mediocre time you deserve.