How To Be More Like His Favorite TV Show


In this digital age, it can be hard to relate to your man on a person-to-person basis. But why waste time figuring him out when the thing your guy loves most is right before his eyes? No, not you, silly – his favorite TV show! Here are a few ways you can make characteristics more DVR-worthy:


Get The Genre Right: What are the big themes of his favorite show? Perhaps it’s a CSI: Miami-style procedural drama. If so, that should be an indication that he likes things to be methodical and logical, with an occasional touch of irreverence. Make firm, predictable dinner plans with him, wherein your occasionally make a wry comment about a dead body. If the main themes of his favorite show are family and lovable dysfunction, like Modern Family, try out some unexplained, out-of-nowhere idiosyncrasies – enough to cause a momentary rift, but something that you can all laugh about later. He’ll love the way his TV reality reflects his actual reality!


Take on the Attitude of His Favorite Characters: Who does he idolize most on the show? Is it Walter White? Then try being the Skyler to his Heisenberg. Wring your hands anxiously at all of his decisions, always on the verge of tears, as if to make his actions seem dangerous, yet sexy and profitable. What if he’s an old-school guy and thinks himself an Archie Bunker? He’d probably love it if you took up piano and frequently burst into nasally song at all occasions. If he’s an Omar guy, well, then you may need to just dump him.



Consider Show Length: The length of his favorite show says a lot about his patience and attention level. Does he dig the hour-long drama? Don’t rush things with this guy or give him too much of your backstory on any one date – let it be a slow burn with a great payoff in the end. And about nine minutes before everything feels like it’s coming to a conclusion, throw in a twist out of nowhere, maybe by getting pregnant. If his top TV choice is a free-form Netflix or YouTube show, where the runtime changes every episode, this is a guy up for anything. Try disappearing inexplicably one week, while being binge-available the next. And if he’s a thirty-minute man, don’t present any emotions that are too complex, because he’ll have moved on before he can work out the situation.


A dude’s favorite television show can say a lot about him. In fact, it says everything about him. Be exactly the woman he wants by being the thing that he devotes countless hours to, sometimes skipping work and meals in the process. Next time he invites you over to watch a dumb show you don’t care about, don’t tune out. Tune in, and when he finally turns it off and turns to you, you can be exactly the thing he wants you to be.