How To Show Him You Adore His Glorious Teeny Butt

clenched butt

Showing your man love is important, but not as important as showing him you love his perfect lil’ booty. When a guy’s got a smokin’ bitty behind, you have got to find a way to let him know. Here’s how to show him you adore that truly glorious teeny butt of his!


Say It

In a new relationship, it’s easy to resist sharing what you feel because you don’t want to be a burden. So, simply tell him how much you love his lil’ teensy tush! It can be hard to say the things that are on your mind, but not when it comes to his insanely dope diminutive donk. Every time you see his naked baby butt say, “Hey, I’m obsessed with your glorious teeny butt!”


Touch It, Always

When your dude takes off his undies and reveals his perfect miniscule ass, take the opportunity to grab a handful of that thing. Navigating relationships can be challenging when you don’t know exactly what your dude wants. At least you’ve made it very clear all you want is more time with that heavenly mini bum! As Rihanna would say: bum bum beedum bum bum bum bum bum!


Take a Bite Out Of It

Hungry for butt? Show him you’re obsessed with his petite ass by taking a big ol’ chomp out of it. He may not like that you just bit down on his butt in an attempt to convey your ass adoration, but fuck what he wants! This is your itty-bitty bum now and you’re never gonna go hungry again!


Write It a Poem

If you’re having trouble conveying your sincere love for your man’s patootie, express yourself using your words. Write that rear a flowery sonnet to communicate your reverence for his teensy-weensy ass. Wherefore art thou ass?! Right here, bitch!



Buy It

Why not offer him money for his butt being so good? If you’re really trying to show him you worship that rump, throw money at it! Shake that mini moneymaker – it’s worth hundreds, if not thousands!


Here are five ways to show him you’re totally infatuated with his perfect(ly tiny) adonis tushy. If he gets freaked out, he is simply not the butt for you. Find yourself a flawless baby booty that appreciates your bum-love!