5 Romantic Engagement Photo Locations Where You Can Take Photos With Dan Just as A Joke! Ha Ha!

All your friends are getting engaged and taking romantic photos! Haha! Wouldn’t it be funny if you took one with your best guy friend as a joke or whatever?? You two are just friends and definitely not going to get married. That’s what makes it so hilarious! Since you two are making fun of everyone, Dan should be into the idea. Here are some hilarious romantic engagement photo locations you can try with Dan just to see what happens, LOL!!


The Beach at Sunset

Why not stroll barefoot in the sand holding hands? Have your photographer capture two sets of footprints in the sand as you look into each other’s eyes, like you’re in love. You know, kind of like how real couples do in actual engagement photos. But you guys are definitely not a real couple! This is all fake! Haha!


An Apple Orchid

Omg lol it would be hilarious if you guys went to an apple orchid in Upstate New York in the fall and took photos. To make fun of everyone who actually does this, of course! Maybe Dan can put his arm around you so it looks like he’d take care of you if you ever got sick. You know, to really help sell it. It’s so ironic!


Horse Stable

Take totally fake photos that are completely a joke at a quaint countryside barn. The romantic (lol!!) location is where you’d really be saying your “I do’s” if Dan wasn’t just a friend and only a friend. LOL! You guys would totally have an equestrian wedding if you guys got married for real… if Dan loved you for real. That would be crazy, right?


Rustic Railroad Tracks

Wouldn’t it be funny if you got all dressed up to take pictures on a rustic train track? Like you went all out and then posted the photos on Facebook and made everyone think that you guys were really engaged for a second? LOL! You can’t wait to see the look on Amy’s face when she messages you and says, “Wow! I thought you guys were just friends. I know that you really like him. It’s great that he likes you back!” What a funny joke!



The Top of A Mountain

A photograph at mountain’s rocky peak symbolizes that you can conquer any obstacle together as a couple if you weren’t just doing this because it’s hilarious. Maybe you guys can take a photo of you two kissing on a rock. Haha! It’s not a real kiss! It’s a pretend kiss to make this joke look more real! But what if it was real?


Maybe when the photos come out, Dan will say that you guys would actually make a cute couple if you were actually a couple for real. But you’re not! You’re just a joke couple! Don’t get any ideas, Dan! Ha ha! Or do, maybe?