4 Bathroom Sex Positions to Mix Things Up, Cause Boy Is This Starting to Get Boring

couple in bathroom

Sex in a bed got you bored out of your mind? It’s time to get creative and take your dude to into the shower! Sure, it’s tricky to physically get it on in there, but fear not: There are some HOT sex positions made just for the bathroom! Here are four sex positions to do in the bathroom to mix things up, cause boy is this starting to get really boring.


Toilet Straddle

Toilets can be used for more than bathroom business, so treat it like a seat you can do the dirty on! Cover the toilet seat with a towel, sit your guy down and get on top, facing him. This should feel amazing not only because he’s deeply penetrating you, but also because you’ve been doing it in missionary for the last five months and, man, has that been really fucking boring. It’s time to try anything – literally anything – to keep this shit going.


Oral On The Sink

Toss your Oral-B aside and make way for some incredible oral sex! Hop on the edge of the sink and spread your legs, so your partner can kneel to eat you out. Turn on the faucet if you want to add some warm water to the mix, but don’t feel pressured, cause this is already so much more interesting than the yawn-inducing sex you guys have been having for god knows how long. Can you even feel anything anymore? God only knows.


Mirror Bang

If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself during sex, try facing the mirror. Prop your foot up on the sink and have him penetrate you from behind. You look hot! And even if you don’t look good, this is so much better than staring up at the crack in your ceiling hoping the room will cave in to end this mind-numbingly boring bed sex. Is this the beginning of the end? The only way to find out is if he fucks you on a sink.



Sink Lean

Lean over the sink and let your guy penetrate you from behind. This will turn you on, simply because it does not involve you withering away in a bed. This is also a great position for wondering whatever happened to this beautiful passionate thing you once had but is now inexplicably gone. Haha, sex is hard!.


Here are four bathroom sex positions to try because, boy, things have really gotten boring. And if you’re having great sex in a bed, good for you, but it won’t last! See you on the potty soon!