How To Keep It Casual Even Though You Touched His Balls and Loved Every Minute Of It  

When you’re dating someone new, it’s important to keep things casual for as long as possible – even though you have felt his balls and were surprisingly into the whole experience. This time in your relationship is the best time to chill out about his balls and let the relationship progress naturally. Here’s how to keep it casual even though you did touch his perfect balls and loved every freaking minute of it.


Establish Healthy Boundaries

In order to build a healthy relationship over time, it is essential to establish and maintain healthy boundaries and not just dive into someone’s personal space super quickly. Explain what you need, whether that’s limiting the days you see each other or doing a date night every so often. Take this relationship slow, even though yeah, you did touch his balls and fucking loved every moment of it. His balls rule and rest in your palm so nicely. Damn, those balls rocked!


Communicate Openly

Being able to say what you need will allow your relationship to flourish. It can be scary to voice your wants, but face your fear and speak up. This will lead to a deep respect and connection between you two. Just make sure you don’t voice your main desire, which is touching his balls again because last time you touched them you fucking loved it and couldn’t get enough of every second with those dope nuts. More sack time please!


Avoid Milestones

In order to keep it casual, avoid celebrating milestones for a while. Don’t bring up your monthiversary or how many days it has been since your first kiss. Also avoid bringing up how many days it’s been since you clutched those perfect cojones in your hand for thirty seconds and experienced an intense wave of pleasure that lasted you all week. Fuck, you need those balls! So just play it cool.


Keep Conversation Light

When you’re on a date, refrain from asking him his biggest fear and how many kids he wants someday. Also refrain from bringing up that you want to reach for those amazing little testes! Mmm, you are such a ball girl!



Don’t Touch His Balls Nonstop And Be Chill About How Much You Friggen Love ’Em

In order to keep it casual, try really hard to not put your hands on his balls and scream, “THESE ARE THE BEST BALLS”. Just try, okay? It’s hard though, because you are madly in love with his fucking dope nards!


Here are a few ways to keep it casual even though you definitely stroked those balls and haven’t had eyes for anything since. If anyone wonders why you love his balls so much, walk away, because they simply don’t get balls!