Wow Him in Bed by Harmonizing with His Sex Moans

Does your man moan during sex? Is he more of a tenor, a bass, or a slutty little baritone? Whatever his voice part, the best way to impress a vocal man in the bedroom is to harmonize with him! Here’s how to create a mind-blowing bedroom soundscape that is guaranteed to have him coming back for seconds and thirds.


Catch him off guard.

There’s nothing a man loves more than being surprised in the bedroom, and he won’t know what hit him when you pull out this sexy and musical move. While he cries out in ecstasy, match his key and go up a third! If you’re both up for it, try to go up an octave as he reaches climax, and if suddenly he can’t reach climax, don’t worry! It’s probably because of something else.


Prioritize his pleasure.

Remember, this is all about impressing your man, so personalize your moan harmonies to his taste. If he loves Billie Eilish, turn on some mood lighting, roll your eyes back in your skull, and whisper demonically in his ear. If his celebrity crush is Ariana Grande, be sure to show off your whistle tones. He’ll be like, “Damn, that takes a lot of breath support!” If he’s a fan of Haim, invite your girlies over.


Put on a show.

You’re trying to give him an experience he won’t soon forget, so go ahead and moan with vibrato. If that doesn’t catch his attention, then you can also stop having sex completely and treat your man like he’s a panel of American Idol judges. Sing a pared-down acoustic version of “Mr Brightside.” You’ll make him say, “That’s a choice!”



Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Maybe sex with your man is a little vanilla. Don’t fret! Incorporate toys into the bedroom, like a butt plug for him and a tuning fork for you. Stimulate your vocal chords while you stimulate his prostate! Or maybe you and your man have trouble synching up in the bedroom. Fuck to the beat of a metronome!


Now go out there and belt for him like you’re Barbra Streisand and he’s a gay man! Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But he’ll love it! And if he doesn’t, find a man who knows talent when he sees it.