5 Signs He’s Too Into You, Keeping In Mind He’s a Dog

Being clingy is never attractive. But keeping in mind that we’re talking about a dog and not a man in this article, here’s how to tell if he’s WAY too into you (giving him a little leeway because he doesn’t really understand, you know?).


You can’t get alone time.

If you can’t get a minute of alone time after a hard day at work, it’s time to nix this relationship in the bud! Begging is NEVER attractive, even if he just “needs to pee” “because he is a dog.” Let him know this isn’t acceptable, even for a golden retriever.


You’re showered with affection.

Every gal loves a little TLC, but when the switch turns from “affection” to “dog kisses,” then you know something’s up (most likely that he’s a dog, so maybe we should change our criteria for this one?).


He’s too accommodating.

If he is at your beck-and-call whenever you ask him to fetch something, take a walk, or even move apartments, it may seem like he’s being helpful, but basically he’s putting you on a pedestal, or he needs you to survive because he is a dog. Again, if he is a dog, you might need to adjust your standards and let this one slide. Relationships are about compromise!



He can’t fix his own problems.

Does he cling to you every moment he’s sad? Or when he can’t figure something out (like doors)? That’s a huge red flag. If you have to give your guy 24/7 emotional support for his mood swings and stomach worms, then he’s relying on you too much, but then again, it could also be a dog thing.


He can’t accept that you have a life.

Does he wait around all day for you to come home, with very few hobbies or friends to call his own? Talk about clingy and/or dog behavior! This guy/dog needs to get a life, even though he has no ability to determine what “life” is and has no thumbs and you named him “Noodles.”


So if your guy is a non-stop attention-seeker who follows you around all the time, it’s time to call it quits! But also keep in mind he’s a dog and is afraid of snow. This is a classic dog move and you need to be mindful of that!