4 Everyday Ways to Show You’ll Wait as Long as it Takes For Him to Commit

Does your boyfriend have massive commitment issues? Just because you’re ready for marriage and he says he “doesn’t know if it’s right for him” doesn’t mean you two aren’t compatible! By maintaining a calm and collected air in the following situations that would make most people impatient, you just might show that you are down to wait for anything, including him, for as long as it takes.


Take him to a taco truck with long lines after finishing a juice cleanse.

To demonstrate your saint-like patience, take your man to a taco truck after you’ve done a 48-hour juice cleanse. You’ll be near the point of fainting–but don’t complain. When he asks if you’re okay waiting, make intense eye contact and tell him that you would be happy waiting for these tacos for years, if that’s what it takes.


Enter the Hamilton lottery every day this summer.

The lottery for the Broadway musical Hamilton is known for having thousands of applicants vying for 20 spots daily. Send your beau screenshots of your rejection emails with captions like “I didn’t win, but I’ll try again tomorrow…and every day! However long the lottery wants to take to give me what I want, I’ll wait. I’m not going anywhere.” He’ll be so impressed seeing how you enter the lottery every day even though there’s a chance you’ll never win! Now that’s commitment.



Cut your driver’s license in half then wait at the DMV for a new one.

The DMV is everyone’s favorite place to wait in line, and therefore the perfect place to prove your willingness to wait. But you can’t go to the DMV for no good reason–that would seem crazy! So just cut up your license, tell bae it was stolen, and go wait in line at the DMV for a replacement. Live tweet the whole thing to really hammer the point home. Just keep tweeting, “I will wait,” over and over.


Put your name on an adoption list for a white baby.

The waitlist to adopt a white newborn baby can take up to seven years–no time at all for someone as patient as you! This is the perfect flawed system to remind your boyfriend that you’ll wait this thing out, no matter how morally dubious it gets. Hopefully by the time the seven years pass, he’ll be willing to help you raise that white kid. Don’t worry; you’ll wait.


Keeping an air of patience and contentedness during these waits will show your man that you’re chill and patient. At some point, he’ll subconsciously realize you would never put direct pressure on him to commit. Sure, it’ll enable him to put off proposing even longer, but at least you’ll prolong your relationship with the love of your life…. no matter what.