How to Tell If You’re Cheating

Nobody wants to be blindsided by the truth of an illicit affair, and let’s face it – it’s not always easy to spot the signs. Here are some some of the telltale signs that you might be cheating on your significant other:

1. You’re Having Sex with Someone Other than Your Husband or Boyfriend

Yes, contrary to popular belief, this may count as cheating.

2. You’re Having Sex with Multiple Men Who are Not Your Significant Other

Even if it’s at the same time, there’s definitely a small chance you could be cheating.

3. You Constantly Say You’re Going on Business Trips, but You’re Really Just at an Econolodge Two Towns Over, Effing Some Dude You Met at the Econolodge

It’s very possible that you are maybe cheating.

4.The Guy at that Same Econolodge Knows You as the Lady Who Cheats a Lot and Always Gives You Room 666

Yeah, you could be cheating.

5. You’ve Confessed to Your Spouse that You’re Cheating, so He’s Left You and Taken the Children and You’re Living Alone in Your 3 Bedroom House Still Cheating with so Many Men that You’ve Lost of Track of the Number and Don’t even Know how You Found the Time to Possibly Meet them All

There’s a chance you might be cheating. There’s also a chance some of your stuff might be stolen because you gave so many rando guys your garage code since you’re always too tired from cheating so much to let them in.
If you’ve experienced two or more of these signs, my experience says you may be cheating. Don’t find out the hard way like I did. Learn the truth, before your husband does.