QUIZ: Is He Cheating Or Does He Just Have Other Friends And Interests?

So your man is being distant: He doesn’t immediately respond to your texts and he seems to be spending a lot of time with people other than you. If you’re unaware of his every move, could he be cheating on you? To put your mind at ease, take this short quiz and find out if he’s actually cheating or if he just has other friends and interests outside of your relationship!


Have you noticed a change in the way he talks to you?

A: Yes, he never really has anything to say to me anymore.

B: Yes, he’s always excited to talk to me about the fun event he went to with his friends or the progress he’s made in his favorite hobby.


Is he staying out later and later each night?

A: Yes, and sometimes his underwear are on backwards when he comes back.

B: Yes, he’s been going to a lot of open mics with his band.


Does he seem to be paying more attention to his phone?

A: Yes, and he all of a sudden has a lock code on it now. I guess it’s good to be safe?

B: Yes, he’s developing a fun new app with a few friends and it’s in beta testing. I’m incredibly suspicious. Is “beta testing” code for cheating???


Are you noticing any new smells?

A: Yes, he smells like a perfume that I don’t wear. Maybe he bought women’s perfume?

B: Yes, he’s been taking a sushi rolling class and that wasabi smell is unmistakable. Something is definitely up.


Have his friends been acting suspiciously toward you?

A: Yes, they all avoid eye contact when I see them and stop whispering when I walk in a room. It’s so confusing.

B: Yes, they’re all much kinder to me now than they were when my boyfriend didn’t see them as much. Ugh it’s driving me crazy. What could it all mean?!?!


Is he following anyone new on Instagram?

A: Yes, and it’s a woman who has me blocked on her page for some reason. Is she a new friend?

B: Yes, and it’s a bunch of people from his improv troupe. IT’S ALL TOO MUCH!! I WISH I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON IN HIS LIFE!





Mostly As: We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it sounds like your boo does have a new hobby–sleeping with other women. Take some time to gather your thoughts before kicking him to the curb! And remember, you’re too good to be someone’s second option.


Mostly Bs: It seems like your guy just has friends and interests besides you! You should be glad, it’s a bummer when you’re your partner’s only source of companionship or fun and not spending every waking moment together can keep your relationship fresh! Congratulations, he sounds well-adjusted and y’all are doing just fine! Also, you need to chill.