QUIZ: Are Your Friends Having Their Own Lives Behind Your Back?

It can be hard to tell if someone’s a true friend or actually sneaking around leading their own life behind your back. If you suspect your friend is up to no good by pursuing their own needs in interests, take this quiz to find out whether she’s loyal, or treacherous.


If you text her to hang out, she responds…

a.) Sure just lemme kno when!

b.) Sorry can’t. I told you I work during the day.


When you go to her instagram page, her latest post is a picture of:

a.) You two, obviously.

b.) Some bitch she’s referring to as her “high school bestie.” WTF is happening?!


If you were to ask her her interests she’d say:

a.) Hanging/drinking/chatting with you.

b.) Soccer?! Um… okayyyy.


When you two hang out she is so excited to catch up on:

a.) Your latest Sephora purchases.

b.) Her latest Sephora purchases. Fucking psycho.



If you got…


Mostly A’s

Phew, this is a true friend who knows her priorities – you, and you alone.


Mostly B’s

Wooooow. This bitch is leading a life. You need to drop her because this is not cool. A real friend doesn’t going around behind your back “having other friends” and “trying to pay rent.” Yikes. Cut out this toxicity and find someone who is available to you.