Vegetarian Touched That Family Remembered Her Favorite Meal Is Lettuce

In a heartwarming story out of Houston, vegetarian Hannah Gelling’s family has made the effort to remember that her favorite meal is chopped, watery lettuce.


“I’m honestly touched,” said Hannah. “They could’ve ignored my dietary preferences and served only non-vegetarian food. But they’ve gone out of their way to make my favorite meal, too: a basic salad and nothing else.”


Hannah, whose thoughtfully-prepared salad also included three halves of cherry tomato and a few grated carrots, went on to express her gratitude.


The gesture was a group effort, with Hannah’s dad, Steve texting her mother, “oh shit I guess you should get something for Hannah,” which led to Hannah’s mother, Carol grabbing a head of iceberg lettuce in the midst of planning a multi-course meal for the rest of the family.


“I would’ve been content eating some pasta or some soup or even just a bunch of side dishes from Boston Market,” Hannah said. “But I guess I just have an amazing family! They actually took the time to remember that, as a vegetarian, I absolutely adore tasteless, soggy, cold vegetables.”


“I’m honestly blessed,” she added.


Hannah’s incredibly thoughtful family is remaining humble.


“We didn’t do anything special,” said Carol Gelling, Hannah’s mom. “We know that they’re aren’t many food options for vegetarians, but we love our little herbivore very much. If it’s bland ass lettuce she wants, it’s bland ass lettuce she gets!”


“I’ve admittedly never cooked for a vegetarian before,” said Steve Gelling, Hannah’s dad. “But that’s my little girl, and I’ll do whatever I can to make her happy. And right now, that means putting in the extra effort to prepare her favorite: a lettuce salad.”



“Anything for my princess!” he added.


And Hannah, who usually eats a variety of foods, including burritos, soup, and pizza, that just happen not to contain meat, is grateful.


“I have nothing but love for my supportive family,” she said. “I know my diet can be a lot for them to understand, both philosophically and practically. So it means a lot to know they’re making an effort.”


“I can’t wait to see what they make me for Thanksgiving this year. Maybe some loose spinach?”