How to Quit Your Job When No One Notices Your New Haircut (Two Inches)

It’s torturous to feel unappreciated by your coworkers at your job. It’s even worse when they can’t bother to notice your new haircut (which was two whole inches!). Here’s how to quit your job if you’re on the receiving end of this grave insult.


Don’t tell your colleagues about your plans before you tell your boss.

It’s unprofessional to spread the news of your departure. You don’t want your boss getting wind before you tell him yourself. Also, you don’t want to give these bitch-ass hair-ignorers time to make excuses and spread rumors about how it “wasn’t that big of a haircut.” It was. And your boss will be hearing about it upon your notice.


Quit in person.

It’s easy to come up with lots of funny texts with photos of your cute hair, saying “sorry, taking me and my hair elsewhere.” But resist the urge. You’ll be able to convey your (justifiable) reasons for leaving more clearly if you show up and explain yourself (TWO inches).



Give at least two weeks notice.

Sure, when we’ve been treated poorly, we all want to scribble “YES, I GOT A HAIRCUT,” in sharpie on the bathroom mirror before peeling out of the parking lot. But that could be shooting yourself in the foot in the long run. You don’t want to jeopardize future employment opportunities by leaving on bad terms, and you don’t want to give them reasons to think you’re the crazy one, when it was them who couldn’t even say, “nice two inch haircut.”


Write a goodbye email to your coworkers.

You never know who you could run into or be asking for a job down the line. So give them the professional courtesy of informing them your leaving. If you can keep it pleasant, all the better, but we understand if you want to throw in a little dig about how “recent events have led to…” They’ll know what you’re talking about. They noticed. It was two fucking inches of hair.


Leaving a job can be hard. So don’t make it harder on yourself by adding to the drama. Even if it was a pretty dramatic cut, to be honest.