Woman Shares Personality Quiz Results As Though Friends Haven’t Already Met Her

Earlier today, 27-year-old Natalia Sucher shared the results of a personality quiz with her friends, as though they haven’t already met her or know her fairly well.


“Natalia got really excited and posted the results on my Facebook wall,” says Victoria Hou, a close friend of Sucher’s. “Then she tagged me in it, as if I hadn’t already interacted with her hundreds of times throughout the years and formed an opinion of her personality.”


The quiz in question, titled, Which Cake Matches Your Personality? declared that of all the cake types, Sucher was most similar to Red Velvet because of her mysteriousness, desire to stand out and “edge” no one can quite figure out.


“I definitely figured out what her ‘edge’ is a long time ago,” says Hou. “She has an angular haircut. But really, I can’t figure out why she keeps sending me these results now because it’s too late – she can’t just take one online quiz to try to make me think something else.”


Hou insists Sucher’s personality can’t be “mysterious” if she shares it on the internet with friends who all know what she’s like when she’s drunk, but Sucher disagrees.



“This quiz got me,” she says. “I’m mysterious just like a Red Velvet cake. You look at me at first and think, “Maybe she’s strawberry-flavored,” then you take a bite and bam! I’m actually chocolate with red food dye.”


Friends confirm this is not the first quiz Sucher has taken, or the first time she’s announced what type of person she is to her friends who already know.


“Today she took a quiz that said she was more of a wine person than a cat person,” says another friend. “I didn’t know those things were diametrically opposed, let alone distinct personality types. But more importantly, I’ve already met Natalia so I already knew she liked wine.”


Sucher responds: “It’s nice to have a little control over how I’m perceived by telling other people what to think about me.”


Friends maintain this isn’t how personalities work. However, at press time, Sucher could be seen reluctantly agreeing with the results of a Buzzfeed quiz that declared her personality 51% weird, 48% normal and 1% banana.