QUIZ: Do You Have Split Ends or a Split Personality?

Let’s face it: We all have bad hair days, and some of us have undiagnosed personality disorders. Which is which??? This quiz will help you find out if your problem is the complex, misfiring of your brain, or worse: the dry, brittle ends of your hair. Take the quiz to find out:


  1. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
  2. The frayed ends of your hair. Time for a trim!
  3. Barbara, Joanna, Teri, Rosalie, Jasmine, and Big Clit Rhonda


  1. Most of your money goes to:
  2. Leave-in hair treatments. You live in a dry climate!!
  3. Name tags for all the girls!


  1. You’re most disgusting habit is
  2. Picking at the ends of your hair
  3. Well, Teri is bites her nails, Tina breathes through her mouth, Loni is a thumb sucker, Donna farts loudly in public and Rachel strangles birds



  1. What is your favorite Star Wars film?
  2. A New Hope—you love Leia’s hair!
  3. Attack of the Clones—Big Clit Rhonda loves Jar Jar.


  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. Those big hairy sheepdogs.
  3. Dog, cat, dog, dog, cat. Gun.


  1. What is your dream getaway?
  2. A week at a luxury spa
  3. A solo trip anywhere. Please. I need to get out.


Mostly A’s

Yikes! You’ve got terrible split ends. Put a bag over your head and get thee to a salon pronto! Get your locks trimmed up before you’ve have to go straight Imperator Furiosa bald to free your hair from the tyranny of split ends.


Mostly B’s

No worries, girl! You just have a split personality. While you’re busy United States of Tara-ing your life away, you hair is seriously stellar. Good for you! Get yourselves to a psychiatrist to keep all identities in tip-top shape like that snappy bob of yours, you pretty lady.