Man Costumes to Make You Seem Like One of the Guys

Tired of men treating you differently just because you’re a girl? Ever wished you could just be “one of the guys”? If you’ve been trying to lose your femininity in the hopes of being seen as equal, why not try on a man costume? They’ll finally feel comfortable making dick jokes around you! Here are a few man costumes to make you fit in, just like a regular dude:


Ronald Reagan Mask

Is there anyone more bro than our nation’s 40th President? Make dude pals by talking about supply-side economics as you chug some brewskies. This costume also comes with the option of responding to awkward pauses with a wobbly peace sign and referring to anyone you don’t like as a Communist. What a bro!



Darth Vader

Everyone knows that making a Star Wars reference shows you’re a low-maintenance chick. But to be a low-maintenance dude, you can’t just make a reference—you have to be the reference. Dressing up as Darth will mean guys can finally relate to you! Plus, your skin will be covered from head to toe, so you won’t be a distraction to men who are probably trying to, like, study. Bro points!


Zach Galifianakis’ Character from The Hangover

If you want to be a lovable clown who can toss the pigskin while crackin’ jokes, pop on this sweet, unlicensed costume of Zach Galifianakis’ character from The Hangover. The baby in a Baby Bjorn might intimidate other dudes, but you can make up for it by being a total goofball. Pro tip: If being in the company of all these men ever gets boring, just take out a mirror and admire your big, beautiful beard—the time will pass real quick.


A Potato

Potatoes are the bros of the vegetable world: They’re unhealthy, they’re fun, and they’re covered in dirt! There’s nothing men love more than potatoes. With their myriad manifestations—french fries, chips, wedges, hash browns—potatoes encompass everything a man wants out of a woman: variety, reliability, negotiable prices, and a home-cooked dinner. Only, you won’t be a woman; you’ll be a potato. What could be better?


Every woman knows the struggle of trying to make friends with guys when they see you differently because you’re a girl. But with these man costumes, you’ll be broin’ out before you know it!