6 Dance Moves That Say, ‘My Body Does This During Sex, Too’

Daddy Issues

Dancing is sexy, fully-clothed way to send a message to anyone around you that your body can do similar things during sex. Here are six dance moves for those horny gals out there that are guaranteed to say, “Yeah, and my body does this cool shit during sex, too.”


Hip Circles

You’ve definitely done this sexy dance at a club. To achieve this move, circle your hips as if you’re hula hooping. Next time you’re at a music festival, move those hips and men will flock to you when they hear your booty shouting, “Yeah, and these hips can probably do this during sexy time too if I have the energy and am feeling generous!”



If you’re trained in ballet, you know how hot a plié can be. To do this move, a ballerina will turn out her feet and plant them firmly on the ground, bend her knees, then straighten them again. It seems like a simple move, but it takes grace and strength to perfect. If you’re looking to lock a guy down, simple plié, because no other move says, “I can bend my knees and straighten them on a dick, too.”



Everyone loves when you hold your body still and just move your shoulders because it’s hot! If you bring this dance move to your friend’s wedding, you’ve been warned that this will alert all the groomsmen, “I shimmy when I fuck too, okay?”



Stun everyone at your high school reunion by showing off your pirouette, where you spin on one foot really fast. As you rapidly whirl around, your body is basically yelling, “I can spin on any dick, forever!”


The Worm

Whenever anyone drops down to do the worm, it means business. Sexual business, that is! Your rippling body is announcing to everyone at your office party, “I am a worm in the sack too, bitch!”



The Running Man

This popular 80s dance move is making a comeback! When doing The Running Man, you are attempting to mimic the movement your body makes while running, while staying still. It’s a great cardio workout, but more importantly it showcases that your body can move quickly and sexily. This move is bound to tell someone on the dancefloor, “Yeah I can jam out, and also, my body does this kinda stuff during sex but only sorta and like if you want it to.”


These six dance moves scream, “Yeah, and my body can do anything during sex so just fuck me!” And if you’re not a good dancer, that’s okay, most men won’t notice if you’re bad at dancing or at sex!