Wanna Kiss Better? Here Are 5 Extremely Obvious Tips

A hot smooch can be the defining moment in deciding whether a relationship will move forward or not, so you may want to brush up on your makeout skills. But also, a kiss is a kiss and most people honestly can’t tell if it’s good or bad. Anyway, here are some obvious tips so you can kiss like someone who generally knows what kissing is!


Make Sure Your Breath Isn’t Crazy Rank!

Consider brushing your teeth before you kiss, or just every once in awhile in general. If you’re on a dinner date and think you may get some lip action, don’t get the garlic bread. Your date will definitely be grateful that you didn’t get the absolute worst option on the menu when you both decide it’s time to taste mouths later that night. Watch out, pro kissers! This tip is a good one!


Get Your Face up Against Their Face

This may sound kooky, but getting your face super close to your partner’s face is a huge aspect of kissing. Without doing this, you’re not going to be able to lock lips, which is pretty much what kissing is. So don’t just stand close to each other with your tongues out. Show them you basically know what you’re doing by putting your faces against theirs. They’re gonna be so impressed with your decent understanding of what a kiss should be like that they will kiss you back. This is a how a kiss works!


Touch Lips

Now that your faces are close enough, put your lips on or around their lips. They’re gonna be like, “Oooh nom nom that’s a mouth, which I was expecting.” And hopefully that kiss will be good, when it accomplishes the general task of being a kiss.


Move Your Lips

Once you smoosh your lips together, don’t just stand there like a frozen statue, no matter how impressive it is! Just follow their movement because they probably know more about this than you do. Or maybe they don’t and you can just sort of go with the flow together. It truly doesn’t matter it’s still so fucking weird that we do this!


Close Your Eyes (Optional)

This is optional, but super freaking weird if you don’t. If they open their eyes and you’re looking at them while your mouths are sloshing around on each other, it’s going to be terrifying. So keep those peepers shut! Then if they open their eyes, they’ll know you’re aware of the kissing with your eyes closed rule and be blown away that you’re not a serial killer!


So if you’ve been wanting to improve your bad kissing skills into mediocre ones, try these very obvious tips. You’re partner will be convinced you have definitely kissed someone before, and might even think it’s good!