Sex Tips That Might Only Work On Me

Sex is a thrilling experience that we all like to talk about. But everyone experiences sex differently, and what works for me may not work for you. Still, these are some suggestions of things that I enjoy during sex that I’m pretty sure everyone else will enjoy, but also maybe it’s just me? I dunno.



Ankles are a highly underappreciated joint when it comes to the bedroom. With their unique curvature and sensual shape, ankles can ignite exciting and sexual imagery in my mind or yours. Most women (I’m assuming) like to have men’s lightly hairy ankles rubbed against their smooth and dainty ones to create a friction that builds like…okay, is this one just me? Cool, cool. I’ve got some more…


Feathers on the Nethers

You might not have tried dropping a pile of feathers down your drawers yet, but it should definitely be on your sexy to-do list. You’ll really enjoy this fresh, new sensation, because I did! Nothing gives the tingles like the light touch of a bird-fur pile over a ready vulva. It’s sure to get your blood pumping but then again this one might only really work on me.



Belly Button Play??

Been thinking about exploring that small cave in your lower torso? Go for it—because belly buttons are the new vaginas! (says me!). Have him try dripping some water in there before he pokes you for that suction-y slurp sound! The ecstasy will be nearly endless—y’know, if you’re into it, like I am. But if not I totally understand.


Human Bird Feeder

Nothing says sexual behavior like eating food off of your partner. But you can go one step further by having him slather peanut butter on your body from head to toe. Every single inch of you should be caked with a firm layer of the tasty treat. Then, sprinkle with seeds. Peanut butter is an aphrodisiac, and the birds that flock to you will really tickle (see feather tip above). This tip is sure to pleasure me better than…oh right. Yeah this one might be weird to other people.


Put Stuff in the Holes Where My Gauges Used to Be

Have him drop a finger or two in those gaps of bad judgment I made in high school. If they’re big enough, slip his peen through, too. I really dunno why, I just like it, so maybe you will, too?


So next time you’re looking to spice things up with your partner, try to explore your bodies with these proven sex tips. These moves have a 100% success rate for me, so how could you go wrong?