Aw! This Man is Making Up For Emotionally Abusing His Ex by Saying Nice Things About Her to His Friends

Some men try to assuage their guilt about being horrible to their ex-girlfriends by talking about how crazy and unhinged they were. But James Harness is making up for the emotional abuse he inflicted upon his ex by saying plenty of nice things about her to their friends!


“I know I treated my ex really shittily toward the end of our relationship, and I feel bad about it,” said Harness. “That’s why I’m making amends by only saying super positive stuff about her to my friends, some of whom are mutual between us! I guess I’m just a good guy.”


Harness, who spent two years in a relationship with his ex, Twyla Gordon, before creating a clandestine dating profile while they were still together and meeting the woman he would ultimately leave her for, knows he was emotionally abusive. And he’s taking full responsibility for his actions.


“I admit that I deceived Twyla for a few months when I was really seeing someone else,” said James. “The guilt that I feel over that is overwhelming. So I’m paying her back by putting in a good word for her whenever I can with whoever I can.”


Twyla, though, is unimpressed.


“If he really wanted to make it up to me, he’d lay out specifically how he did me wrong and apologize for it instead of telling my friends how kind I am,” said Gordon. “But it’s pretty obvious that this whole charade he’s pulling isn’t about making me feel better.”


But Harness continues to persevere.


“I feel horrible about how I treated someone who I truly did care about for so long,” said Harness. “So if I have to keep saying kind things about Twyla to my friends until it trickles back to her through the grapevine, I’ll keep doing it. It’s the least I can do for her.”


“I suppose I could just tell her to her face,” he added. “But my new girlfriend doesn’t want me talking to her, and I’m all about respecting my partners.”