This Sexual Predator Who Got Away With It Thinks it’s Unfair That Other Sexual Predators Haven’t

Following the recent spate of high-profile assault scandals, Peter Bogart has expressed his concerns over whether or not these men have been getting a fair chance.


“I just think it’s important that any guy accused of sexual assault be given a chance to prove his innocence,” said Bogart, a sexual predator who nearly lost his job after sexually harassing and stalking multiple women.


He went on to explain his position.


“These days, any woman can make a claim about a guy and it’s instantly taken as fact,” Bogart, who called his own accusers had ‘insufficient proof,’ said. “Men are under attack in this country right now.”


Bogart’s accusers, though, find his point of view frustrating.


“Peter sexually assaulted me at work, and didn’t face any repercussions,” said Diane Lin. “Now he’s always on Facebook ranting about how men deserve a ‘fair trial.’ Like dude, three women have filed restraining orders against you, so this isn’t coming out of nowhere.”


But Peter won’t be deterred from his mission.



“It’s my goal to make sure that every alleged sexual abuser gets his day in court to clear his name,” said Mr. Bogart, ignoring the fact that less than 10% of sexual assault cases get convictions. “Plus this whole Louis C.K. thing is bullshit.”


“I don’t want another man to be punished without due process,” wrote Bogart in another Facebook post. “Not everyone can be as fortunate as me, who has definitely never, ever done anything wrong.”