Friend Who Has Been Sufficiently Flattered Today Wants to Know How You’re Doing

After receiving a sufficient amount of praise today from two strangers, her boyfriend and yourself, your friend Jenna is finally ready to ask you how you’re doing.


Although it took the coffee shop owner giving her a free egg sandwich, her boyfriend saying he liked her boots and you telling her she was positively glowing, Jenna has finally received enough compliments to spend a moment asking you what you’re up to.


“Now that three people have mentioned how great I look today, I’m finally ready to stop talking about myself,” says Jenna. “Time to give some of this energy back. Until I need more words of affirmation about myself, obviously.”


“Some days I actually want to know how you are,” added Jenna. “But some days I want to work through my shit, you know? I know you get it, girl.”


Sources confirm most of that is pretty bad, and Jenna’s friends, including you, know this behavior all too well.



“I told her her hair looked good today, but she didn’t even ask me how I was doing,” says Vicky Hernandez. “It was early in the morning, so I guess her flattery tank just wasn’t full yet.”


Despite complaints from you about her hidden intentions, Curtis is clearly feeling good about herself. At the conclusion of this interview, Curtis leaned over and asked: “Hey, how are you doing?”


After we explained that this was an interview about her, she replied, “Oh, me? The only thing new with me is that the guy who made my latte called me beautiful.”