Cool! Guy Friend Wants Something

Recent reports indicate that your friend Tim has reached out to you out of the blue because he wants something.


Tim, who you’re not close to, and who’s never made even a marginal effort to listen to your stories or even feign interest in your life, has now requested that you perform a task equivalent to five hours of paid work.


Cool, cool cool cool cool.


It was clear that this guy friend wanted something from the beginning of the Facebook chat because, after losing touch for almost two years, he started with, “What’s up? How have you been????” – a clear indication that this guy friend definitely wanted something.


You might need to check your schedule to see if you can squeeze him in, even though he cannot spell your first name, even though it is clearly stated in your profile and email address.



To be fair, he did ask you a meaningful question once, but it was in order to strike up a conversation with a hot girl at a party who he thought might be impressed by his proximity to you. Your guy friend is just nice like that.


Asked why he reached out to you of all people to help out with this particular thankless task, he then asked if you could connect him with your older colleague since he has a “really good idea he wants to run by him.”