Obsessed! This Guy’s Only Friend Is His Girlfriend

If you’re looking for a guy to be completely obsessed with, look no further than 25-year-old Chris Johnson who has one friend and one friend only: his girlfriend.


While he used to have a few close friends he’d see on weekends, those dudes have completely fallen by the wayside to accommodate Chris’ busy schedule of hanging out with his girlfriend Elise, day in and day out.


Chris, we absolutely adore this for you and can’t imagine a world where it doesn’t work out!


“I’ve sort of lost touch with my guy friends in the past year, since last September, about a week after I started dating Elise,” says Chris. “I don’t know who I’d be if she wasn’t in my life. Like, I really don’t know. It’s kinda scary ’cause I sort of forget who I was.”


“She’s my best friend, my confidante, my roommate and I love her very much,” he said. “She’s also the only person I ever talk to. Like, ever.”


We stan, but also, we worry!


Friends of Chris have definitely noticed his absence.


“We invite him to hang out, but then he started bringing Elise and they would kiss a lot, which was weird. He was never listening to what we were talking about,” says Jackson Pierre. “So we stopped inviting him to stuff.”


“I always wanted him to be my best man at my wedding,” says Arnie Howards. “But I don’t even know if I’d call him a friend these days. Also, they started dating super recently. I think it’s safe to say this probably won’t end well.”



Who cares if you lose all your friends when you have a relatively new girlfriend!


“It’s so awesome to be dating your best friend,” says Elise. “Even though I have a bunch of really close girlfriends who are also my best friends. Chris doesn’t have that, but that’s fine with me!”


When asked about whether she imagines a future with him, Elise responded:


“I don’t know,” says Elise. “But I’ll be okay no matter what. Breakups are always hard. But at least my name is on the lease!”