Uh Oh! This Woman Sees Her Role In Friend Group As Person Who Tells It Like It Is

Lisa Meyers of West Milton, Ohio, seems to know exactly what her function is in her friend group: the one whose job it is to “tell it like it is.”


Uh oh! The Truth Train is coming through, ready to destroy every friendship in sight!


Friends wish she would reevaluate her friendship goals, but Meyers seems to regard her behavior as a fixed part of her personality.


“Someone’s gotta tell the truth,” says Meyers, who has left her friends in tears on numerous occasions. “If your boyfriend sucks or you eyeliner looks like shit, um yeah, I’m gonna bring it up. That’s what a good friend does.”


Whoa! It seems that Meyers prizes honesty over all other virtues.


“Last week I was going through a really bad break up,” says Meyers’ friend Sasha Kenelle. “She told me Adam might’ve been too good for me, and that she felt like we never really had that much chemistry. I shouldn’t be surprised because she’s been saying shit like this about our relationship for months, but I didn’t expect her to kick me while I was down.”


Wow, it’s simply amazing that Meyers thinks she’s just being frank when she’s actually being a huge bitch!


Other unpleasant “truths” Meyers has delivered to friends is telling someone that they “could stand to lose a few pounds,” calling someone’s lasagna “inedible, honestly,” and telling someone who was recently fired that she was surprised they’d lasted at the job “that long.”



When asked why they continue to hang around with her, they seemed surprised by the question.


“I mean, I guess she’s just kind of always been part of the group,” says Kenelle. “Plus some of the stuff she said about Adam was pretty on point.”