Great! Friend’s New Boyfriend ‘Very Good At Impressions’

In an exciting development, your friend Callie recently revealed that her new boyfriend, Tristan, is very good at impressions.


This news left you and other girlfriends very excited to meet him.


Upon shaking your hand and getting your name slightly wrong, Tristan immediately responded with a classic Steve Martin, “Well excuuuuuse me,” which had everyone in the room clutching their sides.


“This one’s a keeper,” says Anna, a mutual friend of you and Callie. “I mean, he’s totally the life of the party! So fun to have around,” to which we totally agree!


Throughout the night Tristan dazzled friends with impressions of Ace Ventura, president Trump, and Adam Sandler, among others.


“At one point he just grabbed a bottle of dish soap from the sink and was like ‘stop looking at me swan’ for like 20 minutes straight,” says another friend, Sarah. “We were dying. I almost peed my pants.”



Wow! We’re dying too!


But the real coup de force was when Tristan grabbed two prunes from a dish, placed them over his eyebrows and said, “look at me, I’m Eugene Levy.”


“We were literally dead,” says Anna.


Amazing Tristan! We wish you were dating one of our friends!