7 Signs You’re Marrying Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Making the decision to commit to someone is no easy task. You want to make sure you’ve found someone you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with; someone your best friend would endorse herself. But in trying to find the perfect guy for you, did you accidentally just get engaged to her boyfriend? How do you know? Here are seven surefire signs your husband-to-be is your best friend’s current boyfriend.


You knew he was The One from the moment your best friend saw him.

When he approached the two of you at happy hour and you saw the exchange of sparks between them, you knew he was playing for keeps. After just two short years of blissfully dating your friend, he came to senses and asked you to marry him. Oops! You’re marrying your best friend’s boyfriend!


She was really P.O.’d when you told her about your engagement.

Your BFF is supposed to be one of the first people to congratulate you, but yours opted for stunned silence followed by a slew of expletives and a barely coherent, sobbing, “How long has this been going on?!” If she told you she’d never speak to you again, girl, you just KNOW you’re marrying your BFF’s BF.


As soon as he moved all of his and her stuff into your apartment, it felt like home.

You made room for his clothes in your closet, combined your DVD collections, and put away the KitchenAid mixer your best friend’s mom gave her for her two-year anniversary with your fiancé and now you feel at home. The mutual ownership of objects with your best friend definitely means you stole your future hubby from her.


Your best friend always said she’d be your maid of honor, but now she won’t.

Is she suddenly not into your wedding at all? You’re probably marrying her boyfriend. Bonus points if she RSVP’d “No” to your wedding by sending you a restraining order. Do you really need a clearer sign than that?



Your fiancé demanded that you elope in a location she won’t be able to get to.

If your man won’t even consider having a big, church wedding with all of your family and friends, partially because he just called off his previous engagement, it’s probably because your best friend is a wee bit upset about the whole thing and might try to sabotage it. Let him drag you away to a foreign country until it all blows over.


Sure, you stole your best friend’s life partner, but she’ll get over this eventually, right? I mean, how often do you find the man of your dreams?!