How to Stay A Manic Pixie Dream Girl Even Though You Just Bought a Honda Civic

You’ve always prided yourself on your quirky personality and childlike sense of wonder! But how do you remain a fun-loving suggestion of a real woman after you’ve gone and bought a Honda Civic? We’ve got you covered! Here’s how to seem exuberant and high on life even though you just purchased a dependable car with a five-star safety rating and solid gas mileage:


Quirk It Up!

Buying the #1 car in America doesn’t have to clash with your manic pixie dream girl persona! It’s easy to use your crafty decorating skills to elevate the Honda Civic’s superior legroom, extra cargo space, and classic hatchback design. Some cutesy dashboard accessories – like a few well-placed old Beanie Babies, or a string of battery-operated Christmas lights ­– will tell the stuffy man in your passenger seat, “Her car may be compact, but her capacity for whimsy is anything but!”


Choose A Weird Color!

Sure, the Honda Civic only comes in white, silver, blue, and black, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz it up with some fun descriptors! When your uptight boyfriend asks what color your new car is, say it’s “milky alabaster snow” or “indigo ocean sky dolphin.” This is a great way to fulfill your duty and bring your boyfriend out of his shell, and also a great way to hide the fact that you bought a Honda Civic because it was practical. Alternatively, pretend to be so focused on loving indie rock music or hand-knitting sweaters for mice that you don’t even know what color your own car is! You’re so interesting it’s almost like you don’t exist!


Drive Like A Lunatic!

Weave in and out of traffic, park in the middle of the road, floor it on a residential street and crash into a fence! The cautious, boring men in your life need to be yanked out of their comfort zone and live a little bit. Sure, you used to do that by making them cling to you on the back of a hot pink Vespa, but it’s just as easily accomplished in a sedan! Remember – you are there solely to wake him up! Plus, the Honda Civic has front and side airbags to keep you both safe- although you can pretend you didn’t read that on the Carfax.


Claim You’re Being So Normal That It’s Actually Quirky Again!

Try to play off your rational, adult decision to purchase a reliable vehicle as so practical it’s actually weird again. God, it’s like, what are you gonna do next, go to Target so you can get your grocery and home goods shopping done in one convenient place, all while remembering to bring your reusable bags? Haha what?!?!



You’re a quirky gal, and just because you’ve taken an important step toward becoming a functioning adult and not a figment of male writer’s imagination doesn’t mean that has to change! Just never tell anyone you actually think the Honda Civic is “fun to drive.” You can’t recover from that!