Presents For Your Boyfriend That Will Have Him Saying, ‘If You Got Me Bitcoin I Could Have Bought Three of These’

Having trouble finding the perfect Holiday gift for your special someone? We have great gift ideas for the man in your life that will make him stop obsessing about bitcoin long enough to say, “If you got me bitcoin I have could have bought literally three of these.”


A Shaving Kit

A shaving kit is an excellent present for your boyfriend. However, it is very likely that once he reads through the comments on the @Manlybeards Instagram he will realize that bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed in recent months. He’ll probably hit you with, “You know if you mined me some bitcoin I could have bought three of these kits,” which is a little strange since he can’t even grow one full beard.



A Nice Leather Wallet

If you’ve noticed your boyfriend’s wallet looking a little worse for the wear, getting him a new one would be a killer Christmas gift. Just keep in mind that he is now suddenly incredibly knowledgeable about bitcoin and will definitely say something along the lines of: “I’m just saying that you could have spent the time you took meticulously picking out a thoughtful personal gift for me, solving complex math problems instead and that would have gotten you some bitcoin that I could have easily bought at least three of these wallets with.” Why would he need three physical wallets if all of his currency was digital? Who knows! Bitcoin is confusing and we are dumb!


A Bottle of Scotch

A nice bottle of Scotch is the gift to beat for a sophisticated man. This classy gift will make him say that with bitcoin he could have bought three to three-and-a-half bottles of liquor, but you can remind him the last time he got drunk he went on a huge rant about how the digital currency is the future of money for so long that all of your friends left your dinner party and haven’t spoken to either of you since. He also then went online and order 100 pounds of “discounted” meat.


A Book on Bitcoin

Your boyfriend will love the thought of this gift, and after he says he could buy three – oh wait, four now – of these books if he had some bitcoin, he will proceed to not read the one book you did get him, and instead keep using the information he’s cobbled together from Reddit posts to act like an authority on bitcoin!


Just because your man talks about bitcoin like it’s an uncontrollable compulsion doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get some holiday love. Get your guy any of these presents over the holiday and he’ll be sure to tell you how much each would be worth in bitcoin! Annoying! Whoops, we mean, charming!