Wow! This Woman Isn’t One to Post Selfies But This is Very Important

Berkeley resident Janna Casper isn’t the type to be attached to her phone all day, and most of her Instagram posts are photos of California trees or home-cooked meals. However, Janna recently took a mirror selfie that made her body looks insanely hot, and while she isn’t one to post selfies, this actually felt like a very important exception to that rule that she needed to share with all of you.


Wow, who knew that the need for people to validate your drop-dead gorgeous look could lead you to do something so important!


“I do my very best to disengage with vanity and the narcissistic tendencies that live within me,” says Janna. “However I will say I never really have cleavage and this pic made me look like I have some, so I had to show it to everyone I know.”


“In the end, it just felt very important that I do this. Like a civic responsibility of sorts,” adds Janna.


Despite having only 400 followers, Janna got over 200 likes on her post, confirming once and for all that people are only on the app to see photos of hot people.


“Janna is a sort of shy person,” says her close friend Adelaide Pascale. “When I saw this photo of Janna I was like, about time, bitch! I mean, look at her legs! It just felt like such a selfless act of service she was doing for us. Like a truly meaningful gift.”


“I always knew Janna was out to do good,” says college friend Frankie Venetta. “But when I saw this I was like, wow, Janna’s gonna change the world. It’s like she ventured out of her comfort zone and was willing to sacrifice a profile made up entirely of photos of various flora and fauna and food. We need more leaders like that.”


Janna isn’t quite sure what to make of her newfound popularity.



“I guess I didn’t expect to blow up like this,” says Janna, as her phone, sitting nearby, lights up with Instagram notifications. “I didn’t really even think about it. I saw what was happening, mainly that my lips looked really full, and I just did what I had to do. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a hero, which a couple people have actually called me.”


Damn, bitch! We actually wouldn’t call you a hero either!