89-Year-Old Woman Finally Finds The Right Hairstyle For Her Face Shape

After decades of struggles and less-than-ideal coiffures, 89-year-old Liza Clybell finally came out of the hairdresser this week, having found the right hairstyle to fit her face.


A source close to Clybell confirms the elderly woman has been searching for the right hairdo for the last 70 years, and has finally found the long bob, which is what she believes to be the correct cut for her heart-shaped face.


“I wish I had discovered the lob when I was in my twenties or thirties,” says Clybelle. “Or during either of my marriages. Or even my sixties or seventies.”


Despite having taken just under a century to find the cut that frames her face best, Liza is thrilled to live the rest of her life with what she believes to be the most flattering style possible for her.


“I look back at my yearbooks, my wedding day, my daughter’s high school graduation, my granddaughter’s bar mitzvah,” says Liza. “My hair looks ridiculous! What was I thinking during those 89 years?”


Sources close to Liza admire her for never giving up in the quest to find the ultimate hairstyle. Many have expressed envy that she’s finally found it.


“My mother has been through so much,” says Sophie Clybell, Liza’s daughter. “Long layers, side bangs, a pixie cut. I’m so glad she’s finally found some peace when it comes to her hairstyle.”


“I hope someday I can find a style that works for my face. Then I can finally stop thinking about my hair and rest for once,” she added.


Sources confirm that it took trying every bad hairstyle in order to settle on one that looks good, and that there is no way around that.


“I’d love to tell you that most people find a hairstyle that works for their face in their twenties, but that would be a lie,” says Marley Overville, Liza’s hairdresser. “Most people usually find the right look for them in their old age, and that’s if they’re lucky to find it at all.”



At the conclusion of this interview, Liza caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.


“Oh my god,” she said, clutching her hair. “This is totally wrong.”