Wow! Even The Fish Man Thing From ‘The Shape of Water’ Is Doing The Whole 30!

The Whole30 diet has swept the United States, with countless people removing gluten and dairy from their diet to see amazing results. And sources close to the fish in the critically acclaimed film, The Shape of Water confirm that even he is embarking on the popular diet. This means that now everyone on the planet, human, fish and fictional creatures alike, are taking on this 30-day reset.


Wow, it’s almost like no one is eating regularly anymore – not even the fish man!


Despite the fish man being a fish and not having a speaking voice, the film’s director Guillermo del Toro decided to speak for the character to discuss the immortal monster’s new diet.


“My aquatic beast was feeling lethargic and frustrated all the time while being captured in this government facility, so he decided to make a change,” explains Del Toro. “He’s on day 15 of eliminating dairy, sugar, legumes and gluten from his diet, and I have to say, he’s really noticing his energy coming back.”


Even so, the fish has spent the last two weeks eating hard-boiled eggs, kelp and drinking only water.


“It feels like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about someone’s Whole30-approved recommendations,” says Del Toro. “There are so many options for my handsome fish now: no-sugar bacon, countless nut milks, and a partnership with Blue Apron that makes it so easy.”


In an interview with Melissa Hartwig, the founder of Whole30, she expressed joy that even the hottest fish guys can still gain something from the program.


“I don’t think people realize this isn’t a weight loss program, though many people do lose weight while on the Whole30,” says Melissa. “This fish guy already had a very low body-fat percentage and is extremely built, so our program will benefit his overall energy and health.”



Incredible that there is no one who shouldn’t be doing the Whole30, according to everyone!


At the conclusion of this interview, the fish guy creature pulled out a Tupperware from his bag. Inside sat three peppered hard-boiled eggs.


Upon seeing his fictional sex fish scarf down the protein, Del Toro shared, “He’s taken to the program like a fish to water.”