Wow! Man Guesses End of Movie

Reporters were shocked to discover that Ben Thompson was able to guess the ending of Bridget Jones’ Diary on a recent Sunday night with his girlfriend a mere five-sixths of the way through the movie.


“It’s almost like there’s some sort of formula at play in these movies,” Ben courageously told Debbie, who was also pretty sure how the movie would end but refrained from talking over it. “It’s like, first I guess the end of A Walk To Remember, now Bridget Jones’ Diary? C’mon. They’re made for each other!”


After being forced to “compromise” and watch the popular romantic comedy with his girlfriend, Henry grew confident throughout Act Two that Bridget was not going to end up with Hugh Grant’s character (Daniel Cleaver) and was instead almost definitely going to end up with Colin Firth’s character (Mark Darcy) even though it had seemed like it was going to be the opposite of that at the beginning of the movie.


“God. I knew they were going to end up together,” Ben stated loudly over and over again as Debbie tried in vain to pay attention to the part where Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy finally make out at the end of Bridget Jones’ Diary—the sole reason she had chosen this particular film as her biweekly movie night pick in the first place. “Like, it’s a classic ‘who’s the bad guy’ situation. But it was such a predictable switch! This is amateur hour.”



Ben, when questioned after the movie on what had alerted him to the fact that Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones were probably going to end up together at the end of Bridget Jones’ Diary, cited the part of the movie where Bridget admits in her diary that she was developing feelings for Mark, which Ben called a “dead giveaway.”


“I totally could have written this,” Ben leaned over to tell Debbie as the credits for the movie finally rolled. Debbie briefly considered rewinding the scene to try to enjoy it without commentary but gave up when she realized Ben wasn’t done talking.


“I’m actually considering whether or not we should take a break from out relationship,” Debbie whispered to our reporter. At that moment, Ben shouted from the other room: “CALLED IT.”